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 Kenpachi Clan wip

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Kyukyoku Kenpachi
Academy Student
Academy Student

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PostSubject: Kenpachi Clan wip   Fri Aug 27, 2010 2:51 pm

Clan Name | Kenpachi
Clan Village | Oni Village
Clan Symbol |
Requirements to join clan |
*Have the last name of Kenpachi
*Live in the Oni Village
*Character must have either large amount of chakra, super strenght, poison resistance, taijutsu resistance or hiding chakra for your character's minor, major skill
Kekki Genkai of clan| Scar (a member may have more then 1 scar but needs permission from clan leader)
Scar- This looks like a regular scar by any part of the owners body but it actuallyt is a opening that picks up chakra in the air and keeps the user in a state of excess chakra and from the scar can be done many genjutsus
Clan Element | N/A
Jutsus of clan|
D Rank:
Bloody hell- the user using his scar like a doujutsu for example the sharingan puts the victim in a genjutsu. Once the victim even looks at the scar or touches it, the user falls in a genjutsu that causes the victim to feel and see that he/she is bleeding from all over but actually it is chakra that is being forced out of the body

C Rank:
Heavenly stab: the victim by looking or touching the clan member's scar falls in to a genjutsu that can be activated more then once by the users own will. This genjutsu is unique as it makes the victim feel as if they woul have been stabbed, the area being stabbed is the users choice. The best way to utilize this technique is by making the victim feel the stab while doing handsigns or things like which would make the victim flinch instantly stopping the jutsu or chakra build ups.

A Rank:
Essences of death: There are 3 of these techniques and they can only be learned by training for them with the leader of the clan. This 3 forms: taijutsu, genjutsu & ninjutsu. This technique also utilizes chakra being seen and used, when using it the chakra comes out in diffrent colours & amounts, the coolours represent the colour of the technique and the amount of effect it does
Black--> Ultimate form--> Leader of the clan or having over 2 years training with the leader of the clan to obtain this form (2000 words of post in 1 topic or more)--> maximum effect of techniques strong enough to completely shut down muscul, organs, etc. (except brain)
red--> Intermediate form--> Co Leader or having 1 year of training with the leader of the clan to obtain this form (1000 words)--> 1/2 of the ultimate form's strenght but still able to do serious damage but needs alot more effort to shut down musculs
green--> Amateur form--> 3rd in comand to 8th in comand or having 7 months of training with one of the leaders of the clan (700 words)--> In this state the user can make the victim lessen in speed & power 1/4
blue--> Begginer Form--> all the other ranks in the clan but having to train for it with either someone in the top 7 of the clan or in a group of atleast 2 or 3 taking about 4 months (400 words)--> while being the weakest form it also has the weakest results the best it can do is disorient the victim and mess with there vision

All Around: (these can be used as any rank but depending on the rank the user specifys will depend on the effect of the jutsus)
impact of pain: starting like the bloody hell jutsu when the victim touches or looks at the scar, he/she will then start to feel a sharp pain around his/her body and there musculs start to numb making it hard for the victim to move.

Clan History |
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Kenpachi Clan wip
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