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 Kazuya Sarutobi

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Posts : 4
Rank : Jounin
Element : Wind, Fire, Earth
Major Skill : Large Amount of Chakra
Minor Skills : Poison Resistance, Etiquiette

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Ryo: 100
Jutsu: Earth Clone Technique, 1000 Years of Death, Water Walking, Tree Climbing, Body Flicker, Wall Climbing, Doppelganger, Transformation, Substitution, Wind Release: Verdant Mountains Violent Wind, Earth Release: Earth Dragon Bullet, Earth Release: Earth River Flow, Fire Release Fire Dragon Missile, Manipulating Attack Blades, Summoning Technique (Monkey King Enma), Wind Release: Great Breakthrough, Wind Release: Violent Wind Palm, Lion Combo, Great Fireball Technique, Fire Release: Ash Pile Burning, Flying Swallow, Earth Release: Earth Style Wall, Fire Release: Fire Dragon Flame Bullet, Shadow Clone Technique, Front Lotus, Welcoming Approach: Thousand Arm Murder,

PostSubject: Kazuya Sarutobi   Sun Aug 29, 2010 8:48 am

Name: Kazuya Sarutobi

Age: 16

Village: Konoha

Rank: Jounin

The Sarutobi clan (猿飛一族, Sarutobi Ichizoku) is an influential clan from Konohagakure. It has produced several notable members who have held positions of high authority, such as Hokage, or membership in the Twelve Guardian Ninja. All known members have been observed devotees of the Will of Fire.
The members of this clan seem to be able to easily master high-level jutsu, as Hiruzen Sarutobi was revered as the "God of Shinobi", and Konohamaru Sarutobi managed to learn A-Rank techniques, such as the Shadow Clone Technique and the Rasengan, at a young age.

Element: Wind, Fire, Earth
Clan Element:

Any Bloodlines: Will of Fire(Also Shared with the Senju Clan, More of a concept then a bloodline limit) Sarutobi Ability to Summon Enma The Monkey King

Major skill: Large Amount of Chakra
Minor Skill: Poison Resistance, Etiquette.

Starting Jutsu:

D-Rank Jutsu

Earth Clone Technique

1000 Years of Death

Water Walking

Tree Climbing

Body Flicker

Wall Climbing




C-Rank Jutsu,

Wind Release: Verdant Mountains Violent Wind

Earth Release: Earth Dragon Bullet

Earth Release: Earth River Flow

Fire Release Fire Dragon Missile

Manipulating Attack Blades

Summoning Technique (Monkey King Enma)

Wind Release: Great Breakthrough

Wind Release: Violent Wind Palm

Lion Combo

Great Fireball Technique

B-Rank Jutsu,

Fire Release: Ash Pile Burning

Flying Swallow

Earth Release: Earth Style Wall

Fire Release: Fire Dragon Flame Bullet

Shadow Clone Technique

Front Lotus

A-Rank Jutsu,

Welcoming Approach: Thousand Arm Murder

Shuriken Shadow Clone Technique

Telescope Technique

Bringer of Darkness Technique

unmastered S-rank jutsu

Dead Demon Consuming Seal

Imperfections: Other than Certain genjutsu he has very little skill for genjutsu. He has a bit of a laid back attitude most of the time which can cut back on his progress. His will of fire makes it so he is a bit arrogant and doesnt often give up.

What your character looks like: Kazuya wears standard ninja pants and shoes with bandages around the ankles and lower shins. He has a sleavless version of standard konoha ninja shirts. Which is under his custom chunin/jonin jacket. Its a regular green one. But is shorter and cuts off just above bottom of the ribs. There are no pouches or pockets on this for holding items. And there is a red leaf village symbol over the right chest area. The jacket has no raised neck protection. He has a small thin strip of hair for a goatee which goes down the center of his chin. He wears a black clothed konoha forehead protector over his forehead. His head is similar to asuma and hiruzen sarutobi's but a bit shorter. He has brown eyes and dark brown hair. He has bandages starting at his wrists going under his gloves which are standard ninja gloves without fingers and metal plates on them. He wears a belt which is hanging down on his right side and is held up on the left.

Backstory: He was born into the sarutobi clan which made him in high regards as the sarutobi clan was often full of gifted ninja. After he enrolled in the academy he was scolded by the family on being an average ninja. After being scolded for his whole time at the academy he finally had enough and used his anger to push himself to be a better ninja. He then became a genin and met new friends as a shinobi.

Genin arc:

After he became a genin he tried his best to learn as many jutsu as he could. He went on very menial missions because of his poor record in the academy. But after a long time of his squad being under estimated, they finally got treated with higher regard as a good ninja squad. They were the squad that got sent on More C than D missions and an occasional B rank Mission. After two years as a genin he entered the chunin exams. In the exams he and his parters Tsuki and Riku were defeated while he went through the exams. He finally came out and was given the chunin promotion.

Chunin Arc:

Finally Kazuya was a chunin and was regarded as one of the gifted ninja in konoha he was no longer scolded by his family. Who he still was angry at for a while but eventually forgave. He was accepted as the first born son of the family again who would inherit the skills of the lead sarutobi when his father died. Although this would be a while. During his time as a chunin he met a girl named faith. He took a particular interest in her. She was a good shinobi, who he wished to fight side by side with. He tried to get into a squad with her, but wasnt successful as far as he knew. He did many missions as a chunin now all C and B rank Missions. He became an excellent fighter over the time. And then applied for the position of jounin. After going through the many tests and challanges needed for him to become a jounin he passed. Now he has been spending his time trying to get to know his fellow leaf village ninja. Especially faith, he finds her abilities and shelled away personality interesting.

RP Sample: Kazuya Laid in a grassy meadow daydreaming. He was thinking about what he had accomplished over the years. As a genin his family scolded him and often made him fight and train nonstop so he would become stronger, but he never was good enough. So his father began turning his attention to his younger sibling Ryuma. Ryuma had more skill as a shinobi then Kazuya even though he was only 7 at the time of his academy and genin days. But with Kazuya's will of fire he pressed on and graduated from the academy and was put into a team and regarded as one of the worst ninja. Although after training and going on many mission he became known as one of the most promising ninja. Then that led him To losing his comrades, they thought that Kazuya would be the one to lose or give up. But as it turned out his friends lost, and they had to pay the price. They were pitted up against older, stronger, and more ruthless enemies. While Kazuya was put up against a ninja of his age group and power. Both of them came out alive as his enemy gave up eventually. After the final test and fighting one of the two ninja who killed his friends he was promoted. Kazuya shed a tear but then rubbed it off his face. He thought to more recent memories. Like his fight with that ninja who was looking to avenge his family. The young man was only 13 but had exceptional skills he would probably have made jonin if he gave his loyalty to a village. But his loyalty to villages faded when the ninja villages agreed that his family was becoming too big of a treat to others around it. It was too powerful and hostile to keep around, so they had to be killed he was the only survivor. And Kazuya had to wipe away the remnaints of what they had to get rid of. The boy unlocked his bloodline and confronted the village. He and 2 others were requested to go and dispatch of him He was sent with Altair and Faith. "You killed my family you B*****ds!" He yelled at him charging with a look in his eyes and a strong jutsu concentrating compressed spiralling Steam. Used from a boil release. Kurou blocked his attack and countered with his One thousand armed murder technique. The boy laid there bleeding. The match was quick, because the boy was reckless. He told the others to leave and said he would bury him. But he really treated the boy's wounds and sent him on his way, telling him that anger and hatred was not going to bring back his family. And that he should set his eyes on a more noble goal. The boy left finally accepting his family's death and going to become a ninja by training with someone and returning to the hidden leaf village and become a shinobi. Kazuya then began thinking about his future and what he would do next. "I wonder what I will do now...?"
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Rank : Chuunin
Element : Water, Wind
Major Skill : Extremely good senses (apart from sight)
Minor Skills : Good Chakra Control, Medical Skills

Ninja Stats
Ryo: 500

PostSubject: Re: Kazuya Sarutobi   Sun Aug 29, 2010 9:07 am

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Kazuya Sarutobi
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