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Born in the Great Ninja World after a catastrophic war, you are left to fend for your own life.
Choose the village you will ally with and create a name for yourself as you live on!
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 Things requiring major/minor skills

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Head Admin
Head Admin

Posts : 319
Rank : Kazekage
Element : Wind, Earth.
Major Skill : Medical Ninjutsu
Minor Skills : Tracking, Moving Stealthily

Ninja Stats
Ryo: 100
Jutsu: Substitution, Doppelgangers, Transformation

PostSubject: Things requiring major/minor skills   Tue Aug 17, 2010 1:13 pm

Quote :
Major Skills:
Large amounts of chakra
Super strength
Super speed
Great chakra control
Medical skills
Tracking skills
Bijuu (Only if avaliable)
Senjutsu (Toad techs)
Gedo Mazo summoner
Sand control
Hair control

Minor Skills:
Natural sense of direction
Sleeps and eats little
Medical skills
Tracking skills
Poison resistance
Sand control
Hair control
Ink Control


Major (Rank B+)
Bijuu: Bijuu
All Healing above rank B: Great chakra control
Multiple Shadow Doppelgangers: Great chakra control, Large amounts of chakra
Harashin (Flying Thunder God): Super speed
Kirin: Large amounts of chakra
Revive Dead (Edo Tensei): Large amounts of chakra
Chidori (all versions): Great chakra control, Large amounts of chakra
Rasengan (all versions): Great chakra control, Large amounts of chakra
All puppet techs: Puppetry
Chakra Scalpel: Great chakra control
All Senjutsu: Senjutsu
All B+ rank Sand techs: Sand control
Underworld Guardian Spikes: Hair control
Hell Needles: Hair control
All seals: Fuuinjutsu

Minor (Rank C-)
All healing rank C or less: Medical Skills
All C- Rank Sand techs: Sand control
All of Sai's ink techs: Ink Control


Major (Rank B+)
Tsukyomi: Resiliance
Amaretsu: Resiliance
Susano'o: Large amounts of chakra
Kamui: Great chakra control
Kagutsuchi: Great chakra control
Mind Control: Great chakra control
Body Flicker/Madara's S/T Tech: Great chakra control
Izanagi: Large amounts of chakra
Bansho Ten'in: Great chakra control
Chibaku Tensei: Large amounts of chakra
Shinra Tensei: Great chakra control
Gedo Rinne Tensei No Jutsu: Resiliance, Large amounts of chakra, great chakra control
Kakishi's dog techs: Tracking skills

Kiba's dog techs: Tracking skills


Major (Rank B+)
Gedo Mazo: Resiliance, Gedo Mazo summoner
Gamabunta: Resiliance
Manda: Resiliance
Slug: Resiliance
Kakishi's dog summons: Tracking skills

Kiba's dog: Tracking skills, natural sense of direction
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Things requiring major/minor skills
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