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 San'Akushu - Three worlds hell

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PostSubject: San'Akushu - Three worlds hell   Sat Aug 21, 2010 7:12 pm

| Clan Name |


| Clan Village |

Any ~ Missing-Nin

| Clan Symbol |

"The blood of another to bring about new life."

| Requirements to join clan |

Must speak with my OOC and if i agree you must find me IC and talk there.
Kekki Genkai of clan|

V, VI must be taught by me in order to use.

The kekkei genkai itself is only the seal, however, the water element naturally follows the clan members in the same way Fire naturally follows a Hinoshi and Earth a Hitodama, However the clan members traditionally have also been known to pick up the fire element, symbolic of the abilities to both destroy and quell.
All clan members are given a seal located on their heart chakra. This seal is known as the Sanshu. It is impossible to either seal or unseal, and it breaks any seals that attempt to interefere with it. Attempts to either damage, tamper, or break the seal result in the death of the target, and their bodies will slowly begin to disintegrate, an acidic solution sealed into the seal using the first facet at "birth" will burn their bodies, preventing experimentation with this bloodline. However, Gate, being the creator of the seal, is not bound by these limitations. The seal is in the shape of an elaborate circle written in blue. From this circle, 3 veins sprout out, one to each palm, going across and over the nipple to the armpit, where it curves down the arms and connects with a simmilar circle along the palm. The one that connects to the tongue however, goes upward over the neck and stops when it meets the underside of the chin, as the tissue itself is colored blue through the bottom of the mouth reaching the tongue, where it hits it's surface and connects to a circle on the tip of the tongue.

The Sanshu seal has one ability, however it is complex. It may seal nearly anything within it. Written here will show rules for anything able to be sealed within it.

:: I - Items & Equipment :: Items and equipment may be sealed within the seal instantly upon contact with the seal, under the following circumstances; if it has chakra or a special ability of itself, the owner must be either killed, unconscious, give permission, or discard it. This prevents the user from stealing powerful weapons in the middle of combat, however the ability itself is still powerful.
[Can be done at genin]

:: II - Humans & Animals :: The user may only seal living things under the following circumstances: If they are sentinent, they must lend permission, be unconscious, or leave their body behind (ie have their soul inhabit something else). If they are not sentinent, they may be sealed as long as their owner(if its a pet or otherwise) does not disagree or is not able to make a decision due to inability to think in either being unconscious or dead. Wild animals and plants may be sealed on a whim.
[Can be done at genin.]

:: III - Chakra :: A variation of the way to seal Humans and Animals, chakra may be stored inside of this seal aswell. To do so, the user must either make contact with a person or object(IE: a sword that steals chakra, or a chakra infused weapon or stone, and simply begin to slowly drain. If the target is already sealed within the user, using the ability to seal humans and objects into his seal, he may zap it's chakra instantly. This chakra cannot be stored indefinetly. It "degrades" or disappears in roughly a week's time. However, if it comes from someone or something inside of the seal, as long as the chakra supply is indefinite so is the user's.
[Can be done at chuunin.]

:: IV - Souls :: These are a tricky subject - it is not common for the clan member to even consider this, most of them are not taught to even be able to seal chakra(let alone know that they can.), however it is still possible and taught to a select few by Hoko - who works outside the clan's population. The method to steal a soul must be done by crushing the point where the soul communicates to other souls on a metaphorical level - the user must strangle the target with their bare hands. However, if their target for one reason or another cannot be strangled by physical means (ie: has a neck made out of cold plasma, metal, or has no neck at all), simply pressing with all their might on the target's head region will successfuly seal the soul if enough contact is given. When a soul is sealed, the person sealing it gains the memories of the target. The souls themselves are shown as threads that trace along the same line as the kekkei genkai's blue lines that act as the Sanshu's connectors.
[Can be done at chuunin with a degree of risk of sealing your own soul in the target, however can be done flawlessly at jounin]

:: V - Demons/Spirits :: An even more deeply gaurded secret, the ability to seal demons and spirits into the user's seal. This cannot be done on demons and spirits already sealed, such as stealing the kyuubi whilst naruto still has it. However, on wild demons and spirits, this can seal them away, and for bijuu, the sealing is not permenent. However, if the user attempts to steal a demon or bijuu from a person or jinchuuriki, the seal itself weakens slightly. Demons sealed are kept for anywhere from a second to a year, when they are then obliterated. Demons/Bijuu are kept for anywhere from a year to 5 years, upon being released they obliterate the body of the user.
[Can be done at S Rank Only - disables kekkei genkai for 48 hours.]

:: VI - Life :: This was invented as the countermeasure to the clan's disparaging weakness, and only Hoko knows how to do this, meaning. The method itself is rarely done, and for good reason. The user will kill the target, any method is allowed, however their blood must be able to be harvested. Their blood will be dropped into a tub, and the user will bathe in it whilst "opening" his seal, their blood washing on the seal and transfering the target's remaining lifespan into the user. The user will never age a day past 21, physically. However, once this has been done once, the user receives another facet of the Kekkei Genkai, known as Meuingan, which is when active, the hearts of all humans and animals become visible like an X-ray like scenario, and they glow with red chakra. Everything else appears normal. The lifespan of the target is shown circling around the heart, giving the user a precise way to judge who's life to sacrafice. It takes no cost to activate, but when active, the user's eyes will glow a color - the color itself varies, but it is often automaticly activated when the user is either angered or going through emotional stress.
[Can be done at jounin]

Clan Element |


Jutsus of clan|

explained in KKG

Clan History |

San'Akushu, born from the ashes of a new world.

In the start of all things, a clan was founded by a man known as "Gate", he was known for being able to somehow carry nearly an entire army inside of his body mysteriously. However, this feat was only attributed to him after he gained infamy from a small war in Kusa shortly before their disappearence. Born to two loving parents, Hoko Sanshu, the man who would latter be known as the "Gate", he lived a peaceful life. His parents were rich - and he was given the luxury of choosing anything in his life to the color of his house to the ability to demand the grass outside his mansion be painted a different color. Being the cherished son of the richest people in the country, he was tolerated - those who did good for their son were done good for by his parents. However, despite this, he kept a tight rein over his power and never demanded much of his neighbors. As a youth he was encourage to have fun all day, and as a young teenager, he was encouraged to enter politics. Not as if he needed to learn, if he ran for any office the sway of his parent's dollar would certainly give him enough political power outside of office then it would in, because then he would be held accountable. However, he remained humble and travled about. He went to nearly every country, soon after visiting Amegakure and soon the Rice Country, the drastic difference of lifestyle between Ame, Ta, and Kusa made him truly wonder. Overnight, he birthed an incurable desire to travel. He besought any excuse to leave his country to travel, vacation, explore. At the tender age of 17, he had been to every country on his continent and even wandered as far as Kasai, Oni, Hoshi and Yuki - and he met several powerful people there. In Yuki, he met none remarkable enough to give much impressions, however in Kasai, he met a hinoshi who had done marvellous things with fuuinjutsu - something that interested him. He spent a few years visiting him and learning the basics of fuuinjutsu. Content with his discoveries, he continued his travels.

When he finally returned home for good, at 23, he had seen the entire world, the serene and peacful life he lived before seemed... quiet compared to the harsh and dangerous life he saw elsewhere. He wanted change. He began experimenting with Fuuinjutsu, the current "low" ninja status of his own village made him appear as a god, with merely C and B rank fuuinjutsu. However, as he soon delved into more powerful variations, he saw himself as a god. He found a way to create a virtual "room" with a seal, where items could be stored. The only downside, these rooms would not last forever and when they expired anything in them would disappear itself. However, he discovered something one night, as he accidently pricked himself when writing a seal - human blood eliminated this. His "room seals" would not expire when he used human blood, however they were smaller. Upon using more blood, they were bigger. Originaly he could fit a book bag inside of a room, now he could fit a small car, however he realized if he took too much of his own blood, he would die. He needed human blood from other places. He would take it from other countries! They were already in misery, they wouldn't mind! No. They suffered enough. He looked out onto his country, he saw lazy men doing nothing but lounging, growing rich while poor peasents work on their farms and give all the money to the fat owners. They had seen no violence. They had seen no hardships. He would make them, and make up for the lack of hardship in their lives. He went on a killing spree - insanity wrought in his mind. He drained all the blood from his victims, and used it in his master seal, what he named the San'Akushu, or Three Evil Worlds of Hell. The seal was unique in the sense that it was written on his body, and had 3 entrance and exit points, each palm, and his tongue. Anything touching any of these parts of his body could be sealed into an room with infinite space, and at any time he could release anything sealed along these points.

He had become a god. He used his wealth to manufacture falsehood involving the outbreak of murders, blaming it on a riot of peasents. They were no doubt blamed and beleived to be the cause of the deaths by the public.

Eventually he was revealed, and he went underground. However, during many crucial times of Kusa and the nearby nation's, he himself have caused many many problems by either placing items in places or causing items to dissappear, many of which, such as a kunai an assassian was about to use, or otherwise crucial, led to many changes in the destiny of people. Since then however, a group of people with a similar blue like seal have arrived on the shores of several nations, offering their services to whoever will pay.
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PostSubject: Re: San'Akushu - Three worlds hell   Sun Aug 22, 2010 4:09 am

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San'Akushu - Three worlds hell
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