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Born in the Great Ninja World after a catastrophic war, you are left to fend for your own life.
Choose the village you will ally with and create a name for yourself as you live on!
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 ~Zombie Slayers~ Nut up or shut up!

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Rogue Ninja
Rogue Ninja

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PostSubject: ~Zombie Slayers~ Nut up or shut up!   Tue Aug 24, 2010 2:12 pm


the sexiness wrote:
Ok to get started im gonna explain how this will work. First you are a special person among the military. From any branch, (Navy, Marines, Ranges, Seals... even foreign) with any sort of rank. (please explain these in your intro into the RP) You for your talents have been selected to join a "top secret" mission in where you will kill zombies. Though you are not told that quite yet. You can explain your characters features in the post or quickly using.

Military branch:
Military Rank:

Attitude and everything will have to be rped out so come into the story like a badass and lets get them zombie heads a rollin'!
We need things such as a medic, sniper (which is currently me), and any other roles you can think of. Gonna try and limit this to four people, including me.


War, war never changes. Or at least that was what was thought for hundreds of years. War used to be when nations sent their armoured divisions and footsoldiers out to fight long and hard for every inch of land they wanted in order to increase their countries' resources and make theirs the strongest one; one which couldn't be matched by any other force in the world. However, in the year 2020 war was far more different than what it had been. Now, nations didn't use their soldiers in operations against other countries, instead using private military corporations in order to preserve their country's 'peaceful' image. Mercenaries had been used for everything; from sabotage, kidnapping, rescuing to full military operations. America, Russia, China and the United Kingdom had made a monopoly out of the PMC's that suddenly flooded the world, eager to make money and spread a little mayhem. After all, those soldiers that still wished to fight for their country, believing it to the patriotic thing to do, had nowhere else to go if they wanted to be useful.

And so we come to the tale at hand. Recently Russia and Korea had been holding secret meetings behind the United Nation's back, making deals and trading resources to strengthen each other. With Korea's technology boom back in 2016 as well as Russia's raw materials the two super powers made quite the force. America and the United Kingdom became quite worried about the two and held various recon missions to figure out just what they were up to. A recent spy footage shows a secret testing ground in a Russian mountainside. America and the United Kingdom feared the worse; nuclear testing for weaponry that could outmatch the rest of the United Nation's. Of course with all of the nations' 'peaceful' persona in place, they couldn't simply invade. The United Nations wouldn't agree. So America and the United Nations pooled their resources and 'encouraged' the creation of a new PMC, Shadow Company. A military force of former SAS, convicts, Army Rangers, Delta Force and what ever other badasses that could be handed a weapon and paid to fight against Korea and Russia.

Currently a certain Shadow Company mercenary was sitting in the meeting room for Team Alpha. A team that was handpicked for the most important mission the PMC would undertake. A sabotage of 'Test Site - Omega' the Russian and Korean forces nuclear testing grounds. They would strike swiftly and without warning, taking out the forces there and blow the whole place sky high.

Or at least that was the general idea...

Chris Mac Tavish, the team's designated shooter was sitting on a beat up sofa, slowly loading a clip of sniper shells with bullets, waiting on the rest of the team to show up as he listened to a some music he had stuck on the stereo in the corner of the room. The machine blasted music that Chris found soothing despite it's loud nature. No one usually complained, not when his bullets found their mark in a targets' forehead, his accuracy was all that mattered, if the music helped it then no one really cared.

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Aiko Uchiha

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PostSubject: Re: ~Zombie Slayers~ Nut up or shut up!   Tue Aug 24, 2010 2:15 pm

John Cameron a Heavy Assualt broke Chris's door as he had a stern face on.''So when are we gonna beat up some Russian Bastards and use my Rocket Launcher and my Desert Eagle?'' John said as he looked at Chris's beat up couch.
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~Zombie Slayers~ Nut up or shut up!
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