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PostSubject: Uvaras   Thu Aug 26, 2010 6:44 pm

----APP FORM----

Name: Uchiha Uvaras

Age: 20

Village: Sand Village

Rank: Jounin

Clan: Uchiha

Element: Lightning, water and Fire
Clan Element: Blaze

Bloodlines: Sharingan

Major skill: Large Amount Of Chakra

Minor Skill: Natural sense of direction
Tracking skills

Starting Jutsu:



What your character looks like: He wears a short shirt and both sides have different colours. He wears
a dark long pants and grey, dark shoes. He also has a shoulder armor on
his right shoulder. On his shirt, there's a heart shape that's
connected to the shirt, located on his chest.

Backstory: Childhood Arc: When
Uvaras was young, he was always been trained by his father, gaining
knowledge and getting beaten by him. Uvaras always ended up crying in
every training he had with his father. His father didn't care much of
his feeling except his mother. When Uvaras is crying, his mother will
always come out and tried to comfort him while his father went back
into the house. Years later, he just completed his training then
suddenly he heard people screaming. Uvaras's parents ran out and as for
Uvaras, he just watched them far away. Uvaras watched the person
massacred everyone even his parents. He began to cry and hid himself
inside the forest beside his house. A few days after the massacre of
the his clan, he went back to his house and there he found two person
[Konoha]. Uvaras thought they were Uchiha members so he approached
them. They turned and looked at him and found out he had "Sharingan" so
they knew he was an Uchiha. They brought him to
and a family adopted him, treating Uvaras like their son.

Academy Student Arc:
When Uvaras was in the Academy, he never communicated with the other
students and worked alone. He was either sleeping or dreaming but when
he was told to do a specific jutsu, he was able to perform them
perfectly. Some students hated him for how he does things and the way
he acted. Uvaras always acted on his own and tried to help people but
he still doesn't communicate. Years later, he finally graduated from
Academy student to a Genin.

Genin Arc:
When Uvaras was Genin, he began to cooperate with his team members.
Though he hated them from their annoyance, he had no other choice or
else his teacher will either fight with him. Years passed and during
those years, he had learned new jutsus and the control of chakra. He
had fought in tournaments and he had won through out it. The teacher
thought him a new ability which was Water Fang Bullet. He was then told to become a Chunin. He was happy
because he was two step closer to reach his goal.

Chunin Arc:
Uvaras finally reached Chunin and continued train until he reached
Anbu. He taken members and he began to train them. He didn't train them
much instead they went to battles a lot. Though they were worth it
because his members were able to gain new abilities and think better.
Uvaras was then had a mission to find a rogue ninja. He met him and
they fought, it was a tough battle for Uvaras. Though it was hard, he
was able to gain the Second Tome and killed the rogue ninja. When he
came back, he continued to teach his students and soon he took the
Chunin Exams while his team members went to take their exams as well.
In his experience as Chunin, was the worse ever since they gotten into
troubles too many times.

Jounin Arc:
Uvaras passed the Chunin exam and he was finally a Jounin. He now has
one more step to go to reach his goal. He continued to work hard and
did a lot of missions. He ran into troubles with some of them so the
Hokage usually gave Uvaras backup whenever he's going to a S Rank
Mission. He was usually sent to A Rank Missions and most of them nearly
killed him. He had a hard time trying to reach his goal. It took him
two years and finally get used to everything. He was able to get used
to it because he was learning jutsus during his free time. Years after,
everything was going smoothly for him and he had done a lot of the A
Rank Missions this allows him to gain the 3rd Tome during his S Rank
Mission. He was then sent to the "ANBU" to be an assassin and he slowly
becomes lazy and always relax.

RP Sample: Uvaras arrived in the Fake Karakura town and
all of the arrancars separated themselves. While Uvaras was taking a
stroll around Karakura and felt someone watching him. He looked to his
right side and saw a Captain Hitsugaya. On his left side, he saw two
lieutenant by looking at their badge.

Hitsugaya made the first
move and chard towards Uvaras. Uvaras turned around his body able to
dodge Hitsugaya's sword then he went back to his original position and
grabbed the captain's sword. The captain was struggling and both
lieutenant released their shikai and tried to stop Uvaras. Uvaras used
his skin to block Renji's sword and he tried to be careful against
Kira. According to what he heard from the other arrancars, Kira's sword
could makes the weight heavier. Uvaras released the captain's sword and
focused on dodging Kira instead. He sonido passed Kira and tried to
stab Kira with his right hand. Unfortunately, Hitsugaya released his
shikai and used his chain-blade to tangled Uvaras's right hand. Uvaras
pulled his right arm making Hitsugaya flying straight at him. As
Hitsugaya got closer, Uvaras pulled back his elbow and hits the
captain's head. Renji released his bankai and the snake came out right
in front of Uvaras and Uvaras was at its mouth. Uvaras lifted up his
hands and pushed the snake's mouth with his legs together to avoid
being killed. Uvaras charged his dark cero and fired upon its mouth. He
was able to break free but Kira used his kido (Sokatsui) and blasted
Uvaras's back.

Uvaras flew forward and fell to the ground. He
was already taken some wounds but he hadn't released his sword yet. He
then felt a large amount of reiatsu released behind him. When he
turned, he saw the captain in his bankai form. The captain released his
ice dragon and able to freeze Uvaras's leg. He had been disabled and
only left his leg and hand could move freely. Renji took this chance to
strike Uvaras down and Kira was chanting a kido. Uvaras wondered if he
should surrender or continued to fight. No matter what he does, he
would die anyway since he's an arrancar. He unsheathed his sword
showing his true form. A dark cloak forms, covering Uvaras's entire
self and dark wings grew on his back, the ice shatters when his
spiritual powers increased. He knew that even if he weakens them then
other arrancars could be able to defeat them. Uvaras immediately
summoned his Scythe and when Renji stikes, he blocked the hit. Kira
used the same kido and fired upon Uvaras. Uvaras summoned another
Scythe to his another hand and blocked the kido and there was an
explosion. The Scythe wasn't broken and Uvaras used it to break Renji's
bankai. Hitsugaya came in and fired three ice daggers from above.

sonido to the side and the daggers missed. The captain shunpo behind
him and was about to stab him. Uvaras sonido to the side while he
turned as well and his Scythe and the captain's sword clashes. Renji's
snake was doing as Uvaras could feel energy gathering. Uvaras pushed
the captain away and turned around and saw the snake gathering power.
He knew he must avoid getting hit by it or else he could be defeated.
When Uvaras was about to sonido, it was already too late, the snake's
spiritual canon had already been loaded up. Uvaras swiftly sonido,
approaching Renji while his canon fires and was about to injure
Uvaras's left leg. Uvaras fell down to the ground and Kira was coming
with his blade. Uvaras's Scythe and Kira's blade clashes and the Scythe
became heavier and heavier as Kira continued to hit. Uvaras let go of
his Scythe and summoned another.

They were all breathing deeply
and we were all running out of stamina except for the captain. The
captain then used an ability which summons many ice around Uvaras and
was about to trap him. Uvaras countered by throwing two Scythes making
two Crescent slashes. The ice was getting closer to him and he was able
delay one of the ice. He took this opportunity and sonido out of the
ice trap. He was breathing hard and was about to go to exhaustion. He
used one last ability that wasn't as dangerous as his final ability
that took him a long time to learn. He sonido around the location
trying to gather them all in one place. They chased after him and found
themselves in a narrow place where you could only go forth or
backwards. Uvaras was gathering his energy to cast "Akutenshi" when
they were chasing after him. When they appeared, Uvaras fires a huge
energy blast and they couldn't run away from it. Kira used a kido that
forms a circle to block the energy blast. While for Renji, his snake
was blocking it and the captain was blocking it with his sword as well.
Though, it seems the captain was plotting something. Uvaras energy was
depleting from the energy blast he fired.

Soon later, the energy
blast was able to hit all three of them but Uvaras didn't notice the
captain was above him. The captain lifted up his sword and an ice
dragon appeared. Uvaras lifted up his head as he felt something. He saw
the captain falling down towards him and he saw an ice dragon twirling
around the captain. Uvaras had no where else to go and faced the
captain's power. He summoned two Scythes and swing his Scythe at the
same time when the ice erupted. The Scythes stabbed both sides at his
arm and they were trapped inside the ice. Uvaras knew that this was
nearly over, even though if he surrenders, they would still kill him
anyway. Uvaras felt arrancars coming and he already did what he could
and Hitsugaya shattered the ice alongside with Uvaras.
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PostSubject: Re: Uvaras   Thu Aug 26, 2010 6:50 pm

All aside from jutsu under discussion, APPROVED

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Head Admin

Posts : 319
Rank : Kazekage
Element : Wind, Earth.
Major Skill : Medical Ninjutsu
Minor Skills : Tracking, Moving Stealthily

Ninja Stats
Ryo: 100
Jutsu: Substitution, Doppelgangers, Transformation

PostSubject: Re: Uvaras   Fri Aug 27, 2010 12:26 pm

You may edit jutsu unless this is ok.

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PostSubject: Re: Uvaras   

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