Ninja Legends

Born in the Great Ninja World after a catastrophic war, you are left to fend for your own life.
Choose the village you will ally with and create a name for yourself as you live on!
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Ninja Stats

 Ryo : 100
 Jutsu : Substitution, Doppelgangers, Transformation, Water Doppelganger, Water Walking, Tree Walking, Rope Escape, Wall Running, Body Flicker, Hidden Mist Technique, Syrup Capture Field, Water Prison Technique, Great Fireball, Water Fang Bullet, Syrup Capture Field, Phoenix Immortal Fire, Crow Clone, Violent Wind Palm, Exploding Water Colliding Wave, Five Feeding Sharks Technique, Sphere of Sand, Third Eye, Water Shark Missile, Fire Dragon Flame Bullet, Shark Rain, Blade of Wind, Great Waterfall Technique, Dance of the Crescent Moon, Susanoo
 Items Owned :
Rank: Jounin
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