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Born in the Great Ninja World after a catastrophic war, you are left to fend for your own life.
Choose the village you will ally with and create a name for yourself as you live on!
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 Rikudō uchiha A.k.a Sage of Sharingan (Done!)

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Posts : 2
Rank : Chuunin
Element : Fire and Lighting
Major Skill : Large Amount Of Chakra
Minor Skills : Chakra Hiding,Poison Resistant

Ninja Stats
Ryo: 100
Jutsu: Substitution, Doppelgangers, Transformation,Crow clone

PostSubject: Rikudō uchiha A.k.a Sage of Sharingan (Done!)   Fri Oct 22, 2010 9:37 pm

Name: Rikudō Uchiha

Age: 15

Village: Konohagakure


Clan: Uchiha

Element: Fire,Lighting

Clan Element: Blaze release

Any Bloodlines: Three tomoe sharingan

Major skill:Large Amounts of chakra
Minor Skill:Chakra Hiding,Posin Resitant

Starting Jutsu:

Imperfections:Is horrid at Taijutsu,Takes serious things very lightly

What your character looks like:


Birth Arc:
While They uchiha were Being Killed Rikudo was being born in a secret place outside of konoha.

Academy Arc:
About the age of 6 his father started to train him.They trained everday they could and which some times would Hurt Rikudo and he would have to go to the hospital.One day While sparing with his father rikudo activated his sharingan.His father was proud of him that he had acativated his first stage sharingan.Rikudo'd father manki tought him about the clans kekkei genkai the sharingan.Once Rikudo herd about this he promised to himself that he would get the final stage of sharingan.Two years after train and getting his second tomoe.Rikudo's father sent him to the konohagakure ninja academy.Rikudo exceled in the academy.He got great marks and could do the academy jutsu without any mistakes.That year rikudo graduated from the academy and became a genin.

Genin arc:
When rikudo became a genin he trained every day and did not stop unless he was sent of a mission.Rikudo was sent on countless mission but some mostly A-rank even tho he was just a genin.He Learned alot of jutsu.Because of his training he learned jutsu fast and he was a master at sharingan jutsu which people gave him the name of sage of sharingan(写の賢者).Soon Rikudo found out that the chuunin exams were coming at and signed up. Two week later the chuunin exams started.Rikudo had passed the writen exam with ease and now came for the fight.Rikudo had to fight one of his old academy classmate.The boy thats was rikudo's former class mate was huge and looked like he could crush rikudo.During the fight rikudo used some of his fire jutsu he lerent but could not.As rikudo was getting trampled by his former classmate rikudo got his thrid tomoe.After rikudo got his thrid tomoe he beat the boy with ease seeing everything he was going to do next.As rikudo walked out of the stadium they told him he was now a chuunin.

Chuunin arc:
Rikudo is now a chuunin doing more missions and training more to become a powerful ninja in konoha and in the ninja world.

RP Sample: (Must be done! This will let us know if you are suited for the higher ranks you may choose to be.)

(rp sample from another site hehe)
Ryu's eyes got wider and became bloodshot red"R-Okay Sir"Ryu said as he stumbled.His skin turned pale and his palms were shaking and had sweat pouring from them His legs were shaking like there was a earthquake happening.Ryu thought to himself before he continued to do what his teacher told him how could he possible do that how could he jump and touch the cave top? but ryu was not going to give up on himself.Ryu Gulped hard before he he closed his eyes and rasied his Pale foot stomping it and punching his fist has hard as he could on the cave ground At the same time.When he did his fist felt like a bulldozer just ran over his fist and his legs felt like there where just cut off and soon after still sweating and his eyes still closed He jumped into the air with all his might making sure he doesn't fall and touched the dark brown roof of the pitch black cave and came back down To the ground.Foot first his eyes still closed"how was that sir"He asked Looking like he had just seen a ghost with Some tiny pebbles from the cave roof on his pale shaking hand.
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Head Admin
Head Admin

Posts : 319
Rank : Kazekage
Element : Wind, Earth.
Major Skill : Medical Ninjutsu
Minor Skills : Tracking, Moving Stealthily

Ninja Stats
Ryo: 100
Jutsu: Substitution, Doppelgangers, Transformation

PostSubject: Re: Rikudō uchiha A.k.a Sage of Sharingan (Done!)   Sat Oct 23, 2010 9:39 am


Please place info in profile Smile

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Rikudō uchiha A.k.a Sage of Sharingan (Done!)
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