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Born in the Great Ninja World after a catastrophic war, you are left to fend for your own life.
Choose the village you will ally with and create a name for yourself as you live on!
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Rank : Chuunin
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PostSubject: Faith   Tue Aug 17, 2010 2:57 pm

Name: Faith

Age: 15

Village: Konoha/Leaf

Rank: Chuunin

Clan: -

Element: Water, Wind
Clan Element: -

Any Bloodlines: -

Major skill: Extremely good senses (apart from sight)
Minor Skill: Good Chakra Control, Medical Skills

Starting Jutsu:

She was born blind and, although she has trained herself to move and react based on good hearing and feeling the vibrations in the air and the ground, she is at a serious disadvantage in situations where sight is needed. e.g. when in the air and she can't feel the vibrations or hear because of the wind in her ears.

After hearing her parents be savagely murdered before her non-functioning eyes, Faith developed Selective Mutism, a severe social anxiety disorder or social phobia in which a person who is normally capable of speech is unable to speak in given situations, or to specific people. As such, she can't speak to people she doesn't know well and trust, and so would never be able to lead a team or hold any positions of authority that involve making decisions and giving orders.

Terminally shy... until she opens up.

What your character looks like:
Shoulder-length, light brown hair, tied up in a high ponytail with a silver ribbon. Pale skin with a spatter of freckles across the nose. Vertically challenged. She is roughly the size and build of an average 10-year-old. Born blind, she has large, grey eyes that are permanently clouded over.

She wears black leggings and a baggy black round-neck t-shirt. She goes barefoot so that she can feel the vibrations on the ground. Around her wrists and ankles are what appear to be silver bracelets. They are in fact weights, each twice her body weight. If she took them off she'd become extremely fast, but she only takes them off in an emergency.

Faith's mother was a medical-nin from Konoha who, just before the end of the war, married a shopkeeper from a small, nondescript village on the edge of the Land of Fire. She withdrew from the war after becoming pregnant, and went to live in the village, out of harms way. The war destroyed much of the surrounding countryside, but fortunately left that town clear. Faith was born in the middle of a rainstorm and it quickly became apparent that she was blind. Growing up in the small village, Faith was always quiet and shy, mostly due to her blindness, but she refused to let her disability stop her from having a normal life. Whilst other children would play in the fields, and help their parents set up defenses around the town against bandits from the borderlands, Faith would wander around, training her working senses so that she was at no handicap from not being able to see. She learnt to tell the difference between the smallest things she heard, and learnt to hear better over long distances, and understand distances from the sounds. She learnt to feel the vibrations in the earth and wind and could use those to tell what was around her. Her mother taught her how to heal and to tell the parts of a body and their uses without needing to see. Her father taught her how to understand people from their tones of voice, breathing patterns and, with Faith's superior hearing, their blood speed and pressure. When she was eight, there was a successful raid from the borderland bandits and the town was ransacked. The small family hid in the back of Faith's father's shop, but the bandits broke in. Her parents tried to fight the bandits to protect Faith and were killed brutally. They turned to kill her when reinforcements from Konoha reached the village and the bandits fled. One of the Leaf ninja found Faith curled up in a ball at the back of the shop, her parents screams still ringing in her ears. She knew that they were dead; her good hearing told her that they weren't breathing, that their hearts had stopped. The ninja who had found her took her to Konoha, where she was given a home and, after they realised she already knew, and was gifted in, medical jutsu, she attended the Ninja Academy. But no matter how hard anyone tried, no-one could get the small, shy, blind girl to speak. The medical ninja in Konoha hospital looked her over and said she had developed Selective Mutism due to the trauma and might never speak again.
Genin Arc
After passing through the academy as the top in her class, despite being blind and mute, Faith was put in a team with a bright, energetic girl called Keiko and her twin brother, the soft-spoken Kai, under the command of the ninja who had found Faith in the shop and brought her to Konoha. They worked well as a team, the twins taking into account Faith's blindness but never underestimating her abilities due to it. For the first time in years, Faith began to break through the mental barrier of the selective mutism and talked, even if only in short, quiet sentances or one-word answers, and only to the members of their team, when the four of them were alone. After many missions together, the three Genin entered the Chuunin Exam as a team. They passed through the first two rounds without any problem; helping to rebuild the village had made them strong and adaptable, multiple missions had made them good at teamwork, and close friendship meant they all understood each other completely. However, during the 3rd round, everything began to fall apart. Their team leader was sent to deal with a rouge ninja who had been spotted on the edges of the village, and so wasn't around to give them last-minute training and support. During the 3rd round, Keiko was horribly killed by her opponent, and almost immediately after they recieved word that the rouge ninja had killed their team leader. Both Faith and Kai were completely silent and unresponsive as they heard the news, and that night Kai vanished from the village. News came shortly after that the rouge ninja had been killed by a boy with Kai's description. As the last member of the team, Faith was given both Keiko and their team leaders headbands, which she wore, one on each arm, believing that this way they would continue to protect and support her. Whilst walking through an area where she'd trained with her team for the first time, Faith accidently stumbled across a discarded headband, hidden in a place that only Kai, Keiko and Faith had known. Picking it up, she recognaised it as Kai's. And so Faith ended up with 4 Leaf headbands, her own around her neck, her teacher's on her left arm, Keiko's on her right arm, and Kai's hidden away in her bag, so that there was nothing to prove that he was a missing-nin and he wouldn't be hunted down. After losing everything for a second time, Faith return to her protection of silence and, having passed the Chuunin Exam, began her life as a Chuunin. Alone again.

RP Sample: (From Other Site)
Rain stumbled back, finding a tree behind her, scared of what this man was saying.
Please, tell me you remember, the rainstorm that had taken you away from me?
A rainstorm was all she could remember of her past, and this person said that it was in a rainstorm they were seperated. And the similarities in their appearances were too similar, the same hair and eyes, the pale skin and light build. But Rain didn't remember this man in front of her, who was insisting they were family. Rain had never dreamed of meeting her family. In fact, the thought of her family fed what was probably the only hatred in her heart. She had abandonment issues, Jinn would joke, she didn't like to be left alone or ignored, but at the same time she was afraid to open herself up to people.
"I'm sorry..." She whispered, looking at the man in front of her with wide, sad eyes. She knew what it was like to be without family. I'm sorry for not being the one you're looking for.... or was it I'm sorry I don't remember you? Rain didn't know.

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PostSubject: Re: Faith   Wed Aug 18, 2010 12:12 am

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