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Born in the Great Ninja World after a catastrophic war, you are left to fend for your own life.
Choose the village you will ally with and create a name for yourself as you live on!
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 Training Rules

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Head Admin

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PostSubject: Training Rules   Sun Aug 15, 2010 10:45 am

Word Count Tool

[To train Bijuu, go to Bijuu training island in borders]
[You may only claim Bijuu by starting with them or claiming from an event]

You can train with anything you like, be it Ninjutsu, Genjutsu or Taijutsu. You can even train with weapons here.

In general, what you train affects your stats.
Ninjutsu trains up Chakra.
Taijutsu trains up energy.
Genjutsu or summonings train up health. (Some Genjutsu trains up chakra.)

You start with one element as an academy student that you need to learn jutsu for.
Learning a new element requires Chuunin level and 1000 words.
A third element requires Jounin and 4000 words. To merge elements, you need to know the two elements that make it up (e.g. Earth + Water = Wood), and must train for it.
Merging requires 2000 words.

Jutsu Training

E-Rank Jutsu: 100 words (Some are auto-learned)

D-rank jutsu: 200 words

C-rank jutsu: 300 words

B-rank jutsu: 600 words

A-rank jutsu: 1000 words

S-rank jutsu: 1300 words

Post the name of the jutsu and rank when you train. You may do it over a long period of time. (Edit it into your original post or make a new post to add on to the words you have done.)

Raesengan and Chidori are done in levels - This must be evident in your posts for training.

Raesengan level 1 is rotation - water balloon
level 2 is rubber ball
level 3 is on a dead tree

Chidori level 1 is charging electritity
level 2 is channeling it
level 3 is making it grow

both require 1200 words altogether.

Special Techniques
Chakra Gates

Gate 1 Kaimon: Releases the brains restraints allowing full power usage of the body's muscles. This is opened to prepare the body to use Omote Renge.
Words required: 600

Gate 2 Kyuumo: Raises stamina and assists in recovery after being weakened.
Words required: 1,000

Gate 3 Seimon: Body enters Ura Renge phase, turning their body a shade of red.
Words required: 1,400

Gate 4 Shoumon: Further increases speed and power, usage will begin to tear the body's muscles.
Words required: 1,800

Gate 5 Tomon: Further increases speed and power.
Words required: 2,200

Gate 6 Keimon: Further increases speed and power, body become able to use Asakujaku technique.
Words required: 2,600

Gate 7 Kyoumon: Further increases speed and power.
Words required: 3,000

Gate 8 Shimon: Further increases speed and power, body attains Hokage level power at the cost of their own life.
Words required: 3,500

----To train eyes, you must own them.----
----You may train eyes taken from dead ninja.----
----If you train an eye from a dead ninja, the power is cut in half.----

Level 1 (Life force detection) (800 words)
Level 2 (Reconstruction of inanimate objects) (1200 words)
Level 3 (Weak regeneration) (2000 words)
Level 4 (Strong life detection and regeneration) (3500 words)
Level 5 (Revival technique, strong healing powers, strong explosion, push and pull abilities.) Your chakra will go down three times as fast. The revival can only be used twice in your lifetime. (4000 words)

Level 1 (Activation and detection) you need 500 words.
Level 2 (Weak chakra detection and movement) you need 1000 words.
Level 3 (Strong chakra detection, movement seconds before it happens) you need 1500 words.
Level 4 (Mangekyo) (Strong genjutsu and detection of Genjutsu) You need to kill your best friend or have someone close to you die and you must feel the pain of their loss.
Level 5 (Eternal Mangekyo) (Powerful movement detection, genjutsu and chakra detection with learned abilities) You need someone else's sharingan (and 3000 words)

Level 1 (Activation) (400 words)
Level 2 (Gentle Fist techniques) (600 words)
Level 3 (Strong chakra detection and can move around areas without physical body) (1000 words)
Level 4 (Stronger Gentle Fist techniques) (1500 words)
Level 5 (Strong chakra detection, gentle fist techniques, can see area around you mentally) (2000 words)
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Training Rules
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